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James: Just wanted to leave a note to say what a straightforward website this is, and how quickly I managed to place my order. Thank you! I will be sure to recommend to others.
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unit price RM 39.90

  • Silicone Buttocks Pad

  • Come With Panty Together

  • Made Of Pure Silicone Gel

  • Soft And Smooth Touch Feeling As Same As Skin

  • Can Be Put Into The To Use

  • Easy To Clean & Reusable

  • Heighten Flat Buttocks-Up Lift Dropping Buttocks

  • High Quality Products

  • Made In Germany

  • Product Description:

    Silicone Buttock Enhancer is specially designed to have the natural look, feel, and softness of real buttocks. Made from a soft silicone gel, this butt enhancer adds to your rear end what nature forgot to! It can enlarge 2 to 3 centimeters of the seat circumference. Silicone gel inserts come with comfortable panties designed to hold them in place without moving, and shifting. These panties and gel inserts are easy to care for, washable and re-useable. Super thin edge looks almost invisible under clothing. No one will ever know you have them on, but they will notice your sexy new curves! This creative solution is safer, faster, and cheaper than a painful buttock surgery.

    Buy with confidence, we have many Good feedback from buyers!
    Testimonial a week ago kalamsiber said :
    "good serv"

    Testimonial a week ago Mr Radiff said :
    "A very good n fast service i ever get when buy online product.. Satisfied n will repeat order next time.. That is what customer want when purchase order.. "

    Testimonial 2 weeks ago rick said :
    "goods received and all in order... will definitely purchase again. thanks."

    Testimonial 2 weeks ago FS said :
    "Just receive the item.. Good work guys.."

    Testimonial 3 weeks ago Andres said :
    "I wan to inform you that I have successful receive the package. Every items ate according to my order. Glad to trade with you. Thank you."

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