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James: Just wanted to leave a note to say what a straightforward website this is, and how quickly I managed to place my order. Thank you! I will be sure to recommend to others.
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Durex Play S-Vibe Vibrating Bullet

product name Durex Play S-Vibe Vibrating Bullet
product code DUR-VC00003
expire date 10/2019
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Durex Play S-Vibe vibrating bullet

Designed to provide clitoral and all over body stimulation. Soft touch feeling for a gentle stimulation.

NEW Play™ S-Vibe Vibrating Bullet is discreet and powerful and is designed to give you 5 hours of quivering pleasure. It inspires you to discover new pleasures and gets you in the mood for more stimulating and adventurous foreplay.

  • Made of high quality PU material

  • Water resistance

  • Silence vibration

  • High speed vibration mode

  • Only 1 AAA Battery

  • Continue use for 5 hours with new battery

  • Standby time: 1 year and above

  • Product size: 9.4cm x 2.2cm x 2.2cm

    Durex certificates
    Durex Play S-Vibe Vibrating Bullet
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    Buy with confidence, we have many Good feedback from buyers!
    Testimonial 7 months ago Linley Baruch said :
    "Received item in very good shape. The wrapping is good and also got a gift as well even though the iten i bought is cheap. Didn't wait long to get the parcel. If u are hesitating whether to buy from here or not, just try buying something cheap like me to test it. I will definitely buy again from here. "

    Testimonial 7 months ago Kenta said :
    "Got my perfume and lube today. Good business."

    Testimonial 7 months ago SHY2 CAT said :

    Testimonial 8 months ago Customer cyk said :
    "Received my goods. Nice and quick :)"

    Testimonial 9 months ago kelvin said :
    "courier very fast. got it in just 1 day. even notify you once they shipped out. "

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