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mad: I have received my order already, very efficiens, will order again in the future.
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unit price RM 118.00

  • 6.5 Inch Penis Silicone Condom

  • Penis Shape With Dotted Condom

  • Pleasure Dot Reuseable Condom

  • 3 function: Enlarge it, Safe & more thorn to shock!

  • 1" Plush Silicone Extension

  • Super Stretchy Comfort Fit

  • Sensual Ticklers & Textures

  • Prolongs & Erection Function

  • Enhance Pleasure of Feeling

  • Intense Penetrating Action

  • Deeper Thrusting Action

  • Silicone Supply

  • Colour Not Fix

  • Made In USA
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    Testimonial 2 weeks ago Ryoken71 said :
    "Hi Fast Response and Delivery :-) Thank you so much CDM003"

    Testimonial a month ago Danny said :
    "Good trading.fast delivery."

    Testimonial a month ago cw said :
    "Received my order in good condition in Johor Bahru within 24 hours. Very good service! Highly recommended!"

    Testimonial a month ago CC said :
    "Thank you very much for your fast response from the moment i make the order until i received the goods."

    Testimonial 2 months ago Azhar said :
    "Very fast delivery. Good seller and always communicate with buyer on delivery. Thanks"

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