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James: Just wanted to leave a note to say what a straightforward website this is, and how quickly I managed to place my order. Thank you! I will be sure to recommend to others.
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Silicone Invisible Bra

product name Silicone Invisible Bra
product code NIP-SB1020
expire date 10/2019
stock stock available
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Silicone Bra is the adhesive silicone breast enhancer, we also call Invisible Bra, Self-Adhesive Bra, Adhesive Silicone Bra or Magic Bra, Which creates a backless and strapless look. Use time and time again to achieve the desired effect. Invisible Bra can even act as bra enhancer pads to give increased cleavage. It comes in its own preservation tray, allowing it to be kept dust free while retaining the adhesive, and prolonging its life span.

> Easy to apply, easy to remove
> Soft and natural bra cups, totally smooth & invisible under sheer clothing
> Total freedom and movement
> No more messy adhesive strips or side extensions
> Adhesive clinically tested for medical use
> Size Available: A, B, C, D

Self-adhesive cups are washable, reusable and easy to care for. Simply clean with soap & water then air-dry. Once dried, the adhesive regenerates itself.

  • Made from high quality silicone gel and TPU green material, Silicone Bra gives you're a harmonious feel and has no side effect.

  • High-tech for its attached-ability, Silicone Bra embraces you warmly all the time with your consent.

  • Easy-washing, just water with soap, and can serve you again.

  • No bra-straps nor back-buckle, and no trace on your skin.

  • Color: skin-color in the main

  • Serve life: 100 times

  • Made In China

  • Function:

    Comfortable UN Bra Made of Hypo-Allergenic Silicon, Invisible under Clothes
    > One size fits all: increase your breasts 1/2 to 2 full bra cup sizes
    > Made from hypo-allergenic silicon
    > Gives you "the natural feel"
    > Invisible under your clothes
    > Lightweight, silky-soft and comfortable
    > Easy to use, slip resistant
    > No need to have surgical, 100 percent safe by using

    "wonder shape" and make you feel more sexy, confident and stylish

    Features: Washable, reusable silicone cups with all-over adhesive interior, detachable bra clips in front.

    Free and easy, conveniently and comfortably, Silicone bra gives you a good figure. Without bra-straps nor back-buckle, but with strong support to your breasts, Silicone bra gives you the safest protection even in strenuous exercise and can be reused for many times after convenient-water-washing.

    Color box size: 31.5*15*5.2cm


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    Silicone Invisible Bra 1
    Silicone Invisible Bra 2
    Silicone Invisible Bra 3
    Silicone Invisible Bra 4
    Silicone Invisible Bra 5
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    Buy with confidence, we have many Good feedback from buyers!
    Testimonial 3 months ago mazasan said :
    "Item received in good and proper condition, plus it was really fast.. thank you seller, keep it up! :)"

    Testimonial 3 months ago Faizai said :
    "sangat bagus... just yesterday place an order & make paymet, hari ini item sudah sampai =) tq bos"

    Testimonial 3 months ago aswiza said :
    "Like always..Best of The Best Seller..Recommended"

    Testimonial 5 months ago Johnny said :
    "Fast delivery & Efficient 👍"

    Testimonial 10 months ago Lowkey said :
    "My parcel have recieved within 2 days. Good job guys. Thanks"

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